Jeeters For Sale

Your favorite indoor buds, rolled for you. Jeeters, ranked the #1 pre-roll in the world, started its journey back in Miami, circa 2007.

Firstly, the company name was coined by group of best friends who called their joints “jeeters” back in their high school days.

Also, the jeeters family is hard at work creating new top contenders in the industry.

Again, they are continuously striving for bigger and better, and the team stays innovative in their product development and community engagements.

Jeeter Carts

However, jeeter was born in the city and suburban streets of South Florida.

The name “Jeeter” was a catching slang without the local culture that was the alternative name for a joint.

Moreover, the slogan was quickly coined, “Pass the Jeeter” and became common language to our crew!

Fast forward to a decade later and we have brought Jeeter to life in the California cannabis markets.

In the same vein, based out of Desert Hot Springs and built on nostalgic memories, Jeeter is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California.

How Can You Use Jeeters

Further more, nothing is required but a lighter to spark up these joint if you’ll probably need one. Jeeters are lab tested and legal products in California.

Enjoy THC the old school way and feel the benefits and healing powers of this amazing strain of cannabis.

In addition, Jeeter has become famous for their awesome products enjoy them here today.

To conclude, if you are looking for an exquisite cannabis smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with JEETER!

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